In 2017 ESMoA will launch a new experience/exhibition called ELSEGUNDISSIMO in honor of El Segundo’s Centennial, and we need your help to make this happen.

Is there a public spot in El Segundo that could use some updating, beautification, a new face? Is there an issue that faces our city that could be tackled creatively? ESMoA will recruit artists and architects to reimagine these spaces through their artwork and designs.

Please fill in this survey or send your suggestions, locations, sketches and photos to

* 1. Do you live or work in El Segundo?

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. What is your favorite part of El Segundo?

* 4. What is the biggest challenge that faces El Segundo today?

* 5. Is there something NEW you would like to see in El Segundo?

* 6. Is there something that you would like to see UPDATED or BEAUTIFIED in El Segundo? 

* 7. What kind of ART would you like to see in El Segundo?

Thank you for your suggestions! This is a non-commercial survey and the data acquired will be considered confidential and used only for the purpose of creating the new ESMoA Experience.

Please come to ESMoA on March 05 2017 for the opening of Experience 27: ELSEGUNDISSIMO and see all the ELSEGUNDISSIMO ideas!