* 1. Do you currently use cloud storage? Why or why not?

* 2. Where do you access your cloud data from the most?

* 3. Which of these cloud services do you use?

* 4. Of the services you selected from the previous question, which is your favorite and why?

* 5. What annoys you the most about cloud storage?

* 6. If there was a service that helped you manage all of your cloud accounts, would you be interested? why or why not?

* 7. Do you currently use any of these cloud storage management applications?

* 8. How many GB of cloud storage do you currently have at your disposal? (If you don't know the exact number, an estimate is OK too)

* 9. What are some features you would look for in a cloud storage management application?

* 10. do you have any additional thoughts regarding the topic of cloud storage and cloud storage management?

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