* 1. Do you prefer to use a Salon based Hairdresser or a Mobile/Freelance Hairdresser?

* 2. What would be the deciding factor between using a Salon Hairdresser or a Mobile Hairdresser?

* 3. How much would you pay for a Cut & Blow Dry?

* 4. How would you search for a Hairdresser?

* 5. How loyal are you to your present hairdresser?

* 6. Are hair products & advice on them very important to you?

* 7. How much do you spend on hair products each month?

* 8. Do you use Groupon for Hairdressing/Beauty offers, if so which?

* 9. If a Hairdresser is very cheap, would it put you off using them?

* 10. How often do you have your hair done?

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