* 1. My child's school environment is clean and in good condition.

* 2. My child is safe going to and from school.

* 3. Communication with families occurs in an open and respectful manner.

* 4. Overall, I am satisfied with my child's school.

* 5. The academic needs of students are met at my child's school.

* 6. My child's academic performance has improved because of the staff at this school. 

* 7. The rules for student conduct are consistently enforced at my child's school. 

* 8. School staff encourage students to respect each others differences (for example, gender, race, culture, etc.).

* 9. The teachers in the school have built strong relationships with my child.

* 10. My child's school invites family members to take part in school activities.

* 11. I am actively involved with my child's school.

* 12. I feel comfortable talking with my child's teachers.

* 13. I  am well-informed about how my child is doing in school.

* 14. I feel welcome at my child's school.


* 16. This survey is anonymous, If you wish to leave your contact information please put it below in the box.

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