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Thank you for your interest.
At Merri Health we know that involving consumers in making decisions about how health services are delivered improves health services and outcomes for the whole community.

We would like to invite you to join our Consumer Representative team.
Who is a Consumer?
Consumers (or healthcare consumers) are people, who use any type of health services, including patients receiving medical care or treatment, and their family and carers. To be considered a Merri Health Consumer you or your family member will have used our health services/programs.
Who is a Consumer Representative?
A Consumer Representative is a consumer, carer or family member, who agrees to provide advice to improve health services at Merri Health and beyond. You may use your own experiences and views, and that of other consumers.

You have the opportunity to take part in decision-making, projects, events or committees. You can also lead a range of activities like designing, testing or reviewing handouts, policies, and even services.

This role is voluntary. Sometimes you might be paid for out-of-pocket costs as a result of being involved. We will talk about this with you.
Why become a Consumer Representative?
Use your unique story to improve our health services and system, and help us to better understand the needs of consumers. We will support you with this.

Depending on your interest and availability, you can:
  • Join our Consumer Advisory Committee (we recruit for this separately & there are limited spots).
  • Take part in surveys, forums, focus group discussions and committees
  • Help review written content, for example flyers, brochures or handouts
  • Help review our sites and practices to make sure they’re accessible and inclusive
  • Help plan community forums on health and wellbeing
  • Add value to planning, program development and other decisions
  • Attend or present at conferences, workshops, events and trainings
  • Share ideas about your initiative/ passion project – our team may be able to support you with ideas on how to bring them to life
  • Meet other consumer representatives (for example, at morning teas, etc.)
We want to involve you in the decisions we make for our community!
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