If you are planning to attend the Rocky Mountain Fluid Mechanics Research Symposium (whether as a presenter or just an observer), hosted at the University of Colorado - Boulder, on August 11th, 2017, please take the time to RSVP by Friday, August 4th using this form so that we may plan accordingly. The first 4 questions will provide us with information to put on your name tag, so please make sure that the answers you provide are what you would like to appear on your name tag. These name tags will be available to you for pick up the morning of the event.

Also, please make sure to let us know (in the appropriate response box below) if you will be driving to this event and will need a parking permit. While we are happy to provide all those who drive with parking permits, at the same time we would like to encourage everyone to carpool with any other attendees from your respective institutions, if possible, in order to reduce environmental impacts associated with this event.

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