Your Ideal Partner

This is just a way for me to get quick responses on some general questions about their "ideal" partner. The questions deal with how mass media, personal experience, family, friends, and religion shape your view for your ideal partner. Please try and NOT to skip any questions. I mean, it's "yes" or "no" questions guys.

* 1. Do you prefer your ideal partner to be the same ethnicity as you?

* 2. Do you prefer your ideal partner to be within three years of your age? (younger/older)

* 3. Do you prefer if your ideal partner has the same interests as you?

* 4. Do you think love should be how it is shown in the movies?

* 5. Have you ever been inspired by any books in forming your ideal partner?

* 6. Are there any movies that have helped shape your ideal partner?

* 7. Are there any celebrity couples that you would want to "imitate" if you were in a relationship? (i.e. "I want a relationship like Justin and Selena.)

* 8. Has your family's beliefs help shape your ideal partner?

* 9. Do you want a relationship like your mother and father's?

* 10. Has your family ever given you advice that has helped shape your ideal partner? (i.e. "You should date someone with goals like you", or "You should date someone who can take care of you.")