Your Ideal Partner pt. 2

This is just a way for me to get quick responses on some general questions about their "ideal" partner. The questions deal with how mass media, personal experience, family, friends, and religion shape your view for your ideal partner. Please try and NOT to skip any questions. I mean, it's "yes" or "no" questions guys.

* 1. Do you prefer your ideal partner to be within the same stereotype or clique as you? (i.e. Jocks/Cheerleaders.)

* 2. Have any of your opposite gender friends given you any traits that you look for in your ideal partner? (If you are homosexual, then do any of your friends give you any traits you look for in a partner?)

* 3. Do you often consider your friend's approval for your ideal partner?

* 4. Do you believe the culture in which you live in contribute anything to your ideal partner? (i.e. Cali girls looking for a cali guy, or country boys looking for a southern belle.)

* 5. Do you prefer your ideal partner to be of the same religion?