* 1. Mr. LeBaron was a tireless volunteer for this community. He was one of those special people who understood the value of being involved and was one who cherished the opportunity to give back to his hometown as much as he had received. This award is given each year to someone, who like Dale, knew the importance of serving your community to help make it better. This award recognizes an individual or individuals who have selflessly served the community with persistence, dedication and enthusiasm.

Past Dale LeBaron Memorial Award Winners
2016-Brian Borger
2015-Mark Winter
2014-Bruce Johnson
2013-Dr. Peter Flynn
2012-The Late Don Morse
2011-Steve Kneubuehl and Rick & Laurie Hasken
2010-Dick Drogosz
2009-Dr. Ed Finch, Tim Connors, Nicole Bauer (Lincoln Douglas Sesquicentennial)
2008-Dennis Bokemeier
2007-Dr. Jeff Gehlsen
2006-Freeport Police & Fire Departments, Stephenson County Sheriffs
2005-*Tie* Dave Swift & Ruby Kaptur
2004-Jim Walsh
2003-Brian Stewart
2002-Lynn Feaver

* 2. Describe this individual's contribution, listing as many specifics as possible, during this past year.

* 3. How have they given back to the community?

* 4. What organizations have they been involved with?

* 5. Are there individual achievements to recognize?

* 6. Make sure that each question of the appropriate category has been addressed as completely as possible. Please provide your name and telephone number below should we have any questions or need additional information about the nominee.