Wilkerson Elementary Parent Survey

* 1. What grade(s) are your child(ren)in this year?

* 2. I have a clear understanding of how my child is performing academically at Wilkerson Elementary.

* 3. I know what my child is expected to learn each year.

* 4. The teacher knows when my child is struggling.

* 5. My child is challenged to do their best at school.

* 6. Teachers at Wilkerson Elementary School provide instructional activities that give students options for learning in more than one way.

* 7. Teachers communicate with me about my child's progress.

* 8. I believe my child has been prepared to succeed in the next grade or school setting.

* 9. I understand the importance of Guided Reading groups.

* 10. The classrooms at Wilkerson Elementary are comfortable and support learning.

* 11. My child feels safe at school.

* 12. I understand the PAWS behavior expectations.

* 13. My child gets to work with technology at school (for example: computers, calculators).

* 14. I check Parent Portal to monitor my child's progress.  (Grades 3-5 only)

* 15. What forms of communication do you find useful? Check all that apply.