We’re launching PIVOT with a special contest and over a dozen prizes so you can help make PIVOT even better.  Prizes include gift cards, club pizza feasts, t-shirts, and more!  Fill out this survey for each lab you complete for multiple chances to win!

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. What type of organization is your group or club associated with?

* 3. What is your role in the organization?

* 4. Does your student group have a name?

* 5. What is the size of your group or club (number of members or approximate regular attendance at meetings)?

* 6. How often does your group meet?

* 7. How long are your group meetings?

* 8. Which PIVOT lab(s) did your group work on? Such as CommandLineKungFu, Python Port Scanning or NMAP Lab.

* 9. How long did it take for your group to work on each of those labs?

* 10. What did your group like most about the PIVOT lab(s) you worked on?

* 11. What did your group like least about the PIVOT lab(s) you worked on?

* 12. What, if any, technical difficulties did your group experience with the lab(s)?

* 13. Which additional areas and topics would your group like to see covered in PIVOT labs and challenges?

* 14. What other recommendations do you have for improving the PIVOT Project?

* 15. How do you feel about the length of the lab?