Info and Expectations

Application Due Date
Applications are due Thursday, August 15. We will check for applications periodically before then and may be able to confirm your participation sooner.

For questions, contact Jan Gartner:, UUA Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager.
Registration Fee
 and Payment

Payment is due by August 29. The fee is $160 (or $185 after August 15, if spaces remain), with refunds at the end of the course for teams with 2 or more people from a single congregation/organization completing the course:
  • $20 total refund if 2 people complete the course.
  • $40 total refund if 3 people complete the course.
  • $60 total refund if 4 people complete the course.
Payment options: By check or online. Information about how to pay will be provided to accepted applicants.
Withdrawals: Up-front planning for each participant goes into this training. Withdrawals close to the start of the program, or after it begins, are problematic, especially as we strive to create a learning community. For this reason, we have instituted a withdrawal policy (with exceptions for health and emergencies):

- Withdrawal up to 10 days before start of program: full refund
- Withdrawal within the last 10 days before start of program: 75% refund
- Withdrawal in first 10 days of program: 50% refund
- Withdrawal after first 10 days of program: no refund
Time Commitment and Expectations - READ CAREFULLY
This training is 7 weeks long. Required webinars take place at the beginning of Weeks 1, 2, 4, and 7. All webinars are on Mondays at 7pm ET. (Ending time varies.) Please mark these times on your calendar.
Participants will:
  • Probably need to devote 3-4 hours/week to the training. (On the lower side of this if you read the book ahead of time.)
  • Find this different from a real-time course. We have 4 webinars and use a platform for group "conversations," which makes it very flexible - but much of the learning and work is done independently.
  • Need to purchase (or borrow) the book In the Interim, 2nd edition.
  • Have reading (and sometimes videos) and written assignments each week.
  • Post reflections and responses to an online platform, with two deadlines each week.
  • Work on a case study project. On the final webinar, you will make a short presentation based on your project.