About you, the family/carer

Brisbane South PHN PIR welcomes your feedback to help us improve our service for carers. Please complete this short survey to indicate if we are meeting your needs and those of other carers. The survey is voluntary and completely confidential.

Brisbane South PHN acknowledges a carer as one who, while not necessarily related to the person by biology or marriage, are actively involved in caring of another.

* 1. For how long were you receiving support from the Brisbane South PHN PIR program? (e.g. 3 months)

* 2. Which organisation is your PIR Support Facilitator from?

* 3. In your experience as a Carer has PIR …

  Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Taken your views and opinions into account?
Engaged you in planning and support?
Assisted you to access services to help you as a carer?
Respected your relationship with the person you care for?
Recognised your knowledge and experience as a carer?
Acknowledged your needs as a carer and an individual?

* 4. Please respond to the following statements

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Unsure Agree Strongly Agree
PIR has had a positive effect on my health and wellbeing
I am satisfied with the overall quality of the service
Support from PIR has assisted to improve my quality of life
I would access PIR again if the person I care for needed further assistance

* 5. OTHER COMMENTS: Please make any other comments about Brisbane South PHN PIR or your experience with the program.