Annual PINS Conference Overview

10th Annual PINS User and Training Conference Registration

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Conference Timings:

Tuesday 18th November
Registration from 11:00 with the conference opening at 12:00 noon.
Conference sessions will conclude at 17:30 followed by Drinks at 19:00 and Dinner at 20:00.

Wednesday 19th November
Conference sessions recommence at 9:00 and followed by lunch at 13:00.
The conference will conclude after lunch.

Available packages:

Package 1:
Residential Conference Package £250.00 + VAT (£300)
Conference Sessions on 18 and 19 November, Dinner and Accommodation on 18 November, lunch and refreshments on the 18 and 19 November and breakfast 19

Package 2:
Conference Sessions Only £150.00 + VAT (£180)
Conference Sessions on 18 and 19 November, includes lunch and refreshments on both days

Package 3:
(for use in conjunction with Package 2)
Conference Dinner 18 November £30 + VAT (£36)

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