Possible Programming

The City of Piedmont is excited to hear the community's interest in various programming for the new Piedmont Community Pool! Aquatic programming is growing fast. People are now calling the water a "liquid gym." Most classes that are held on land can now be offered in the water and people benefit from the therapeutic nature of water. We've listed a wide variety of programming to start understanding the communities interests. The guaranteed programs are listed first, followed by additional options that are ready for you to rank.  Please take the time to read about each program and rank all programs in the list based off your interest in participating in that program. At the end of the programming survey, the overall site plan from workshop #3 is available for additional comments. 

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Further analysis will take place in terms of the cost of these programs and cost recovery for building operations. For now, please share your aquatic interests! 

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