Partners In Dental Care Patient Survey

We know you have many dental care options and we appreciate your confidence in Partners In Dental Care. In order to help us better serve you during your next visit, please take a moment to answer the following 25-question survey regarding your most recent visit with Partners In Dental Care. It should take no more than five minutes, and your answers will remain completely confidential. Your participation helps us in our work to continuously evaluate and improve the quality of service we provide for our patients.

Thank you again for choosing Partners In Dental Care.

* 1. Partners In Dental Care worked with me to make an appointment that fit my schedule.

* 2. Any necessary changes to my appointment were made courteously and well in advance.

* 3. Partners In Dental Care's offices were neat and comfortable.

* 4. My wait time was reasonable.

* 5. If necessary, delays were reasonable and well explained.

* 6. The staff was receptive to my concerns and made me feel at ease.

* 7. The staff also recognized and met the needs of my family.

* 8. I received all the information and literature I needed to make good decisions on my treatment needs and options.

* 9. My diagnosis and treatment were explained clearly.

* 10. Partners In Dental Care was kind and sensitive to my concerns.

* 11. The staff treated me with courtesy and respect.

* 12. The staff was professional in action and in appearance.

* 13. Billing and insurance were fair, well explained, and convenient.

* 14. My check-in and check-out experiences were pleasant and efficient.

* 15. If one was necessary, my follow-up appointment met my expectations.

* 16. I feel my privacy is a priority with Partners In Dental Care.

* 17. I trust Partners In Dental Care.

* 18. Partners In Dental Care is interested in my oral health.

* 19. I am satisfied with the care I receive from Partners In Dental Care.

* 20. I would recommend Partners In Dental Care to a friend.

* 21. Partners In Dental Care will be my first choice for future dental care.

* 22. I enjoyed my experience with Partners In Dental Care.

* 23. Are there any changes we could make to improve your next visit?

* 24. What was the best part of your visit?

* 25. Please share any additional comments you may have.