HMIS New User Quiz – Part 1 Policies and Procedures

All new users must complete and submit a screen shot of completed quiz results along (with a grade of 80% or higher) with a signed User Agreement, and completed User Access Request signed by a Manager to Kelli Clark

* 1. True or False: There is only one HMIS Database that is used by all Homeless Service Providers across the country.

* 2. What is the name of the HMIS software provided by Foothold Technology?

* 3. What is the purpose of the CR-HMIS

* 4. True or False: One of the roles of CARES Inc. as the System Administrator is to monitor the Helpdesk.

* 5. What is one of the responsibilities of each agency that participates in the CR-HMIS?

* 6. How often must a user log into AWARDS in order to maintain a username and log in?

* 7. What is the maximum percentage of missing/null data allowed?

* 8. How must all client level communications be sent to the CR-HMIS team?

* 9. True or False: All data entry (Admissions and Discharges) must be completed within 30 days

* 10. True or False: Clients must now initial that they have been made aware that their data will be entered into the CR-HMIS database using the Informed Consent Form