* 1. Are you aware that the zoning on the North side of Cherry Street between Kickapoo and the Spanish Mission building is currently zoned Residential High-Density, allowing for approximately 40 units per acre?

* 2. Have you seen the survey and proposal for the 'Pickwick District' work below/live above Planned Development?

* 3. Are you aware that the Rountree Neighborhood Association has been requesting a revision to our Urban Conservation District guidelines, for the last two years, to clarify to developer's how this and other areas in the neighborhood may be developed?

* 4. What do you think are the major issues when looking at development on Cherry Street?

* 5. Last year, the Rountree Neighborhood Association requested a moratorium on development on the Cherry Street Corridor until the City Staff could address our UCD overlay. The request was never acted upon. We could continue this request, which requires approval from City Council. We need your input before our next steps

* 6. If the neighborhood prefers an option of working with the developer of the Pickwick District planned development, a request for blight will follow. If a developer on Cherry builds apartments without businesses below, within the R-HD zoning, blight may not be requested.  How do you feel about this?