GitFolio is a service that allows GitHub users to create a stylized and curated portfolio to showcase their projects and favorite Gists. We allow users to provide a context to their work on both collaborative and personal repositories, granting them the ability to create a holistic image of themselves as programmers and as people. GitFolio eliminates the gap created by simply using GitHub as a resume, allowing users to explain their problem-solving process and specific work style.

As a user of GitFolio, you will have access to a portfolio page as well as the ability to showcase and elaborate upon projects. Each project allows the user to describe the challenge at hand, how the user approached and ultimately solved that challenge. Each project slot will also allow users to feature content such as code and images of the project or page.

As a subscriber to a monthly plan, users will have access to more project slots, social media integration, and more portfolio templates and palette options for personal customization.

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