* 1. Thinking in terms of purchasing products for your child (ren), how important are each of the following factors?

  Completely Describes Somewhat Describes Neutral Does Not Describe Well Does Not Describe At All
Do you participate in trials and/or demo's?
I prefer purchasing brand NEW products (e.g. strollers, car seats, bikes, toys,etc)
Brand names ARE important to me
I donate or give away baby gear or toys
Spend more money on trendy/high end products
Safety rating are important to me
Brand names influence my purchasing decision
Try a product out before purchasing

* 2. Which of these Car Seat brands do you currently own or have heard about?

  Own Heard about
Orbit Baby
Peg Perego

* 3. Which of these Stroller brands do you currently own or have heard about?

  Own Heard about
Orbit baby
City Mini
Phil & Ted

* 4. How many child(ren) age 5 or younger live in your household?

* 5. Which category below includes your age?

* 6. Which statement below best describes how you vacation with your child (ren)?

  Most Likely Neutral Some What Likely Least Likely
Bring your child(ren) gear (e.g. Stroller, Car Seat, toys)
Rent child(ren) gear
Buy items once we get where we're going

* 7. Please enter your email address for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon.com.

* 8. Which safety rating sites do you typically use?

* 9. Which of the following Northern California counties do you currently live in?

* 10. What is most likely to influence your purchasing decisions?