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Pocono Health System (PHS), with the assistance of East Stroudsburg University (ESU), is conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment to help guide efforts to improve the health status of the community.

A key component of this process is obtaining important input from households throughout the community, and tapping their experience and opinions. PHS is asking you to complete the following survey. The survey is designed to seek your perspectives on the strengths and gaps in health services in Monroe County, and elicit opinions from households about how to improve the health services available to residents of Monroe County.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Every attempt is made to ensure anonymity, no identifying information is collected in this survey.

If you are over the age of 18 and understand the purpose and the nature of this survey and wish to proceed please click “next” and continue with the survey. If you do not wish to continue please exit survey using the button on the upper right of the page. Please remember that your participation in the survey is voluntary. You may decline to answer any or all questions, and you are free to stop at any time.

When you complete the survey, you will be given the option to go to another website to submit your information to enroll in a raffle for a $50 gift card to a local supermarket. You do not need to participate in the raffle.

More than one person per household can answer the survey.

THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE EAST STROUDSBURG UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD FOR THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN SUBJECTS. If you have any questions please contact Alberto Cardelle 570-422-3425 or the Chair of ESU’s IRB Dr. Shala Davis at 570-422-3663.

Thank you for your time