District 833 has an active commitment to meet the following goals:

1. To provide all student-athletes with positive experiences which promote the ideals of leadership, physical fitness, competition, and the pursuit of excellence.
2. To protect the well being of student-athletes through policies and procedures concerned with safety, fitness, and injury care.
3. To foster progress of student-athletes through the academic curriculum of the educational institution to which they belong.
4. To empower all student-athletes with the knowledge skills, and attitudes for success.
5. To produce competitive athletic teams.

As a part of District 833’s commitment to meet the goals stated above, you have been asked to participate in a feedback process concerning your head coach. This feedback will help both the Activities Director and the head coach identify goals and clarify priorities for each program that will help to ensure quality experiences for the participants.

Please consider the performance of this staff member on each statement below, rating him/her using the following levels of performance:

The coach does not yet appear to understand the concepts underlying the component. Working on the fundamental practices associated with the elements will enable the coach to grow and develop in this area.

The coach appears to understand the concepts underlying the component and attempts to implement its elements. However, the implementation is sporadic, intermittent, or otherwise not entirely successful.

The coach clearly understands the concepts underlying the component and implements it well. Most experienced, capable coaches will regard themselves and be regarded by others as performing at this level.

Coaches at this level are master coaches and make contributions to the field, both inside and outside of school. They operate at a qualitatively different level, and are more “proactive” in their anticipation of coaching needs rather than “reactive.”

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