2013 Bling Your Wagon Voting

This year girls were encouraged to showcase their creativity and put her Cookie Program on wheels. Girls from all parts of our council chose a theme, decorated, and submitted a photo of their "Blinged" out wagon. Now it's time to vote for the winners. We are so proud of our girls! You ROCK!


- Her Own Way
- 5 Skills for Girls
- Gift of Caring

Winners will receive
-1st place $100.00 cookie dough
-2nd place $75.00 cookie dough
-3rd place $50.00 cookie dough

This survey will close Wednesday April 23, 2014 at midnight.

Briley Troop 21080

Brooklynn Troop 30120

Calcea Troop 40185

Jozlyn Troop 21080

Mikayla Troop 30960

Peyton Troop 20180

Victoria Troop 40876

Erin Domangue Troop 20180