* 1. For what reasons do you usually come to the library? (The following list is in no particular order. Please choose as many as applicable.)

* 2. What materials or services do you find most helpful?

* 3. If you use reserve materials and textbooks, are they easy to access? Do you find there are enough copies of the materials you use? (If you do not use reserve materials or textbooks, you may skip to the next question.)

* 4. If you make regular use of the group study rooms, how many people are usually in the room with you?

* 5. During what hours are you usually in the library?

* 6. Do you use the library more often during midterms and finals? If so, would you use the library later than 2 a.m.?

* 7. The library currently closes on Fridays at 4:30 p.m. Would you use the library on Fridays more often if we were open later (i.e., until 8:00 p.m.)?

* 8. If you have ever borrowed an iPad from the library, what was your primary reason for using it?

* 9. If you have ever checked out an iPad, what was your impression of the device?

* 10. If you could improve the library, its services, spaces or materials, what is the one most important change you would suggest?

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