Informed consent


Effects of various selective androgen receptor modulators on the presence of mental health diagnoses.

This consent form is part of an informed consent process for a research study, and it will provide information that will help you decide whether you want to take part in this study. The Principal Investigator of the research study is Aidan Probst. It is your choice to take part or not.
The research is aimed to help understand the psychological effects of SARMs. Research on SARMs has shown that they have few negative physical effects but the psychological effects have not effectively been explored.   

If you take part in the research, you will be asked to provide basic demographic information, information on whether you have used SARMs or not, what kind of SARMs you have used, and what your dosages of these SARMs were. You will then be asked questions surrounding your tendencies of SARM usage to determine whether you could be considered SARM-depedent. Finally, you will be asked about previous diagnoses of several psychological disorders. Your time in the study will take 5-15 minutes.

Potential harms or burdens of taking part of the study may be that you are providing personal information, however, it is your choice to take part in this study and it will be kept completely anonymous.

There are no direct benefits to participants from the research; however, it will help researchers better understand the psychological effects of SARMs so that they can be more informed when furthering human trials. Members of the gym community may also benefit by understanding the full effects of SARMs.

If you have any questions now or during the study, if you choose to take part, you should feel free to ask them and should expect to be given answers you completely understand. 

I will not collect any information that can identify you or other subjects. Completed forms will be stored on a secure SurveyMonkey server. Responses may be converted to digital format and stored on a password-protected computer that can only be accessed by me. Paper copies will then be destroyed. I plan to delete the data by February 2023

By checking the box that states “I confirm” and continuing with the study, you have acknowledged that you have read the entire informed consent and are at least 18 years of age.  Also, you acknowledge that you agree to take part in the study and have the right to not to answer any or all of the questions in the study.  Finally, you understand your participation is completely voluntary, and you may quit the study at any time without penalty.

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* 1. By checking this box I confirm that I am 18+ years old, have read the informed consent thoroughly, and agree to take part in this study.