Welcome to the EWG Guide Survey

Thank you for joining me today to review the EWG Guide!  I hope to get your comments on some materials designed to help faith-based groups better demonstrate the difference their sustainable development work is making in their communities. You are part of our first round of testers. The guide is still in development. We will be making changes continually and your feedback helps us do that.We will be making changes based on the experience of our testers, so please know that your honest feedback will be enormously helpful.

As a bit of background: After the launch of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals, more than 50 Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) signed a supportive faith-based action framework. The Evidence Working Group created this Online Guide as a living document that will be updated regularly. It aims to support the gathering and sharing of evidence by religious and faith-based organizations about their work to alleviate poverty and enhance the wellbeing of their local communities. We are committed to learning together. We recognise gathering and use measurement information and evidence is a complex, challenging task. None of us claim to have arrived!

On the site, you will find reflections on measurement challenges, tools we use to gather information, examples of data collection approaches, and other resources. No one size fits all! Although the examples and tools on the site are tailored to specific communities and programs, the materials will need to be adapted to your context and programs. We want to understand whether and how a guide like this could be useful to you.

A couple of requests before we get started:
  • Please respond as fully as possible. Just tell us whatever you are thinking as you test the resource. All comments and responses to testing the guide are useful.
  • If questions pop up as we go along, please let me know (or write them down).
  • There are no right or wrong comments or questions. If something is confusing or unclear, the best thing you can do to help us is to tell us exactly what you are experiencing.