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Thank you for taking this short survey about continuing education and continuing education. This survey will only take about 5 minutes. Please feel free to forward the survey link (the same one you clicked on to get here) to others you think might be interested in continuing education and graduate studies. We are looking for diverse results so we can collect the best ideas about how we can further serve people's needs and interests in the design, business, education, sustainability, and public sectors.

* 1. 1. What kind of education degree to you currently hold (choose all that apply)?

* 2. 2. What kind of work do you current do (choose all that apply)?

* 3. 3. What is your title or role?

* 4. 4. What is your job status?

* 5. If applicable, what is the size of your organization (approximate number of employees)?

* 6. How long have you been working professionally (choose one)?