Yellow Springs Community Children's Center Seeks Feedback

The Yellow Springs Community Children's Center (YSCCC) has a long history of educating and caring for children in the area. As an organization deeply vested in the needs of our young people and in the spirit of full constituent inclusion, the YSCCC Board would like to extend an invitation for you to provide feedback regarding perception, future needs, potential partnerships, etc. We hope that you will consider taking the time to reflect and help YSCCC continue a legacy that has touched so many lives over the years.

* 1. How did you first become familiar with YSCCC?

* 2. What would prompt you to investigate options for enrollment at YSCCC?

* 3. Rank the following (1 as most important) in your decision-making that would lead to registration for care at YSCCC.

* 4. Which other schools or programs are, or have been, within your consideration as you think through childcare options? What differentiating factors are most important in considerating these alternate schools or programs?

* 5. The YSCCC Board would love to connect for a follow-up conversation to improve our future efforts. If that is of interest, please indicate your name, email, and phone number below.

* 6. Do you have any further immediate feedback/comments to share?