Welcome! As a former Big or Little Sister with Big Sister Association of Greater Boston, you are part of a community of women who support one another and advocate for serving the needs of girls. We invite you to join the Alumnae Association, a group of current and former Littles and Bigs who are age 18 and older. As a member, you will help plan events, recruit new mentors, and raise funds to support our work with girls. Please share your contact information so that you can participate in this fun and rewarding experience!

* 1. We will contact you with upcoming events and activities of the Alumnae Association.

* 2. What is your birth date? (mm/dd/yy)

* 3. You can help us recruit more women mentors so that today's girls can have the support of a Big Sister. It's easier than you think. Would you be interested in joining this effort?

Thank you so much for sharing your information. We look forward to seeing you at an Alumnae event soon!