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School Site Council (SSC) has 3 open seats for parents to serve on the committee. Additionally, we have 1 parent for District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)and 1 parent for District Advisory Committee (DAC) and 1 alternate for DAC continuing for the 2019-2020 school year. Please take the time to read the information provided to you from each candidate and vote either yes or no. Please complete this by 9/13/19. Results will be tallied and shared by 9/21/19 SSC meeting. 

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* 1. I’m mommy to Shane and Sam Mendoza. I work full time as a Clinical Research Associate in pediatric oncology. I’ve been doing so for about 5 years. Before I transferred over to work with our pediatric patients. I worked with adult oncology patients. I was with adult cancer patients for about 15 years. It was the best time of my life, they taught me great life lessons. I met some of the neatest people, although under horrible circumstances, we always had great conversation and to my patients, I will always be grateful.
I would love to be part of the school site council, being that I don’t have much time to help during the actual school day. This is a great way for me to donate my time in a different way. I am happy to support our Eagles in any way possible.

♥️ Leesa Mendoza

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* 2. My name is Adraly Rodriguez and I am a mother of 3 and we just moved back to San Diego after being in Arizona for 2 years. We enjoy being with family and creating memories together. I would like to help Allen Elementary because I want to be part of the community and be able to come together with other parents to achieve our school goals for our children and teachers. We are all here for our kids and I want my son to also know that I care for not only him but also support his school as well.

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* 3. Hola, soy Cristina la mamá de Elvia Mayans que cursa actualmente el 10 grado y de dos niños mas de 15 y 2 años, son edades muy interesantes pero también muy complicadas!!

Siempre me ha gustado estar involucrada en las actividades en las escuelas de ellos, ya que estoy convencida que el apoyo de los padres hacia ellos, es importantísimo para su desarrollo escolar y confianza básica..

Como parte ahora de Allen School, estoy dispuesta a apoyar en su s necesidades y que se sientan como en casa..
Ya que hay que sumar y no restar, multiplicar y no dividir ya que ellos serán los hombres y mujeres del futuro..
Reunirse en equipo es el principio,
Mantenerse en equipo es el progreso y trabajar en equipo asegura el éxito..

Gracias y lindo dia

Hello, I am Cristina the mother of Elvia Mayans who is currently in 5th grade and two children who are 15 and 2 years old. These are very interesting but also very complicated ages!!

I have always liked to be involved in their school activities, as I am convinced that parents' support for them is very important for their school development and basic confidence.

As a part of Allen School now, I am willing to support your needs and make them feel at home.
We must add and not subtract, multiply and not divide because they will be the men and women of the future.
Teaming up is the most important and working together toward progress and success.
Thank you and nice day!

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* 4. DELAC (District English Language Advisory) Rep: Michelle Gonzalez, parent 

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* 5. DAC (District Advisory Committee) REP: Teresa De La Rosa, parent

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* 6. DAC (District Advisory Committee) alternate REP: Rosa Zambrano, parent