Hello BU Post Graduate Researchers,

The purpose of this survey is to investigate the experience of PhD researchers at BU, so that each of your views can be effectively represented back to BU and the Students' Union @ BU (SUBU).

It's important to provide your feedback - you can then be part of changing what doesn't work and / or keeping what does work for PGRs at BU. Please provide your feedback by 10 November - there are 24 questions and the survey will take around 15 minutes to complete.

All responses will be treated as anonymous, and the feedback will be part of the broader BU / SUBU representation system for all levels of students/researchers. PGR Representatives will feed back your views to the appropriate BU and SUBU meetings for discussion / action.

This survey's design and questions were developed in consultation with groups of PGRs and BU's Graduate School to ensure that the questions are relevant for PGRs at BU.

This is the first time this survey has been used - there are contact details on the final page if you would like to provide feedback on the survey itself.

Thank you