* 1. Introduction: This survey is intended to get your expert opinion about the minimum number of persons and the minimum number of functions or activities that should make this people for the successful academic management of a university career of excellence. Please rate aspects presented below, selecting the option that reflects your opinion:

* 2. Demographics

* 3. The existence of full-time staff for the academic management of a university career, should it be a criterion of accreditation of the quality of the career?

* 4. What function or functions considered have to realize a full time teacher? Check all that you think apply:

* 5. What kind of university is more common hiring full-time academic staff?

* 6. Check the criteria should define the number of full-time academic staff of a University:

* 7. The number of teacher to be hired under the regime or full-time, depends on the approach of teaching:

* 8. Check the requirements to be included in the profile of a full-time teacher:

* 9. If a quality standard of a university career is to have full-time teachers, check the options you think should be evidence of compliance must show the career:

* 10. You think thar hiring part-time faculty sufficient in number to the number of the students in the career, can replace the hiring of full-time faculty?

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