Protecting Patient Privacy

* 1. First and Last Name

* 2. Why is patient privacy important?

* 3. Information generated in the course of treating a patient that identifies that patient as an individual is called?

* 4. What does the Minimum Necessary Standard describe?

* 5. Name four methods of safeguarding patient information

* 6. Friends and family need to be actively involved in the patient’s care in order to be considered under the Friends and Family Standard

* 7. It is okay to share patient information among employees if it is for treatment, payment or health care operations

* 8. It is NOT okay to look up your own lab and test results

* 9. Name Aultman’s Privacy Officer

* 10. Patients must be offered a written Notice of Privacy Practices

* 11. Protecting patient privacy and confidentiality of their health information is _________ responsibility.