Dear Congregation Member/Church Attendee:

As you are aware, Pastor Bolin is retiring.  The Session currently is beginning to take steps to prepare for a new pastor and we would like to know your thoughts about our current Church status, means of worship, and type of pastor you would like to have here at Old Providence.  As part of that process, we are conducting a survey.  The survey is designed to be anonymous and will serve as a guide in assisting the Session and Pulpit Committee in finding our new pastor.  We generally will share the results of the survey with the congregation. 

There basically are five parts: Part I: Some general questions asking about you. Part II: Questions about a new pastor.  Part III: Questions asking about our music program. Part IV: Specific questions about worship, and, finally, Part V: Open-ended questions for comments. Sections IV and V are optional.  You may, of course, also choose not to answer certain questions throughout the survey.  Please feel free to add any comments that you believe are important to the Committee.

Please return all surveys to the box located in Providence Hall.  Surveys should be returned by Sunday, April 10th.  You may fax your completed survey to Old Providence Church at 540-377-2099  if you prefer.  The survey also can be printed from the Church website.

Thank you for responding to this survey.

Church Survey Committee:
Hedley Coffey                            
Rob Marsh                             
Melanie Benson                      
Marvella Rea
Robin Smith
Todd Smith