Title I (ESEA) Annual Evaluation Survey

Directions: The purpose of this survey is to gather information from all parents about how well
the school communicates with parents of children who attend LRSD schools. Please take a
moment to check or circle your answer to each question, realizing that your answers will be used to improve parent involvement activities. 

* 1. Were you invited to attend a meeting that included information about the Title I Program at McClellan?

* 2. Were you notified that your school received Title I funds to increase parent involvement in order to improve student achievement?

* 3. Were you invited to provide input on the use of Title I parent involvement funds for parent involvement activities that enhance parent knowledge?

* 4. Did you receive a copy of the Parent Involvement Policy or School Learning Compact?

* 5. Have you attended a Parent-Teacher conference this year?

* 6. Is the information provided to you by the school understandable?

* 7. Were you offered information or suggestions on how to support your child's academic achievement?

* 8. Have you received your child's progress reports online or from the school?

* 9. Has the Title I Program helped your child to learn? (before or after school programs)

* 10. What improvements can be made at McClellan?