Please take a moment to tell us how you used the Integrated Pest Management Curricula, and what you liked and didn't like! You answers will be kept confidential and will help us to improve and continue to support great teachers like you!

* 1. Demographics (Optional):

* 2. What grade(s) do you teach?

* 3. In what part of your school year did you teach the IPM curriculum?

* 4. Did you teach the lessons yourself or did you have a Maine Dept of Agriculture educator come in and model the lessons?

* 5. Did you need to get permission from a curricula committee to teach the IPM lessons?

* 6. How much time did your students spend engaged in the IPM lessons/activities?

* 7. What are three positive things about the IPM curriculum?

* 8. Did you do a curriculum revision of any lessons before teaching your units?

* 9. If you checked "yes" in the previous question, what modifications did you make?

* 10. Would you recommend any areas of the curriculum specifically be revised?

* 11. Did you find the materials/ lessons easy to use?

* 12. Did you find the students engaged and enjoying the lesson?

* 13. Did the IPM curriculum fit easily into your curriculum map?

* 14. Results of Student Assessment Activity: what was the average score on one of your assessment activities? (Assessments include: IPM Learning Activity, Chemical Quest Activity, Poster Activity, or an assessment from one of the greenhouse lessons).

* 15. Any other questions/comments/suggestions that you have concerning the IPM Curriculum Project, please state below.

* 16. Did you know about our curricula website ( where you can download free lesson plans?

Thank you for taking the survey!

Northeast School Integrated Pest Management Working Group, a working group of the Northeastern Integrated Pest Management Center, Cornell University and PennState University.