PGCMLS CEO Search - Community Input Survey

The Board of Library Trustees of the Prince George's County Memorial Library System in Maryland would like your input about the skills, personal qualities, values and priorities that you desire in the next Chief Executive Officer.  Please share your opinion by participating in this online survey.  It will be available until August 30, 2017.   Thank you.   

* 1. How would you describe yourself?  Check all that currently apply to you.

* 3. Please indicate the importance of the skills the CEO is expected to demonstrate.

  Somewhat Important Very Important Critical and Essential
Strategic thinking
Long range planning
Clear, effective communication
Collaboration and consensus building
Political savvy
Business and fiscal acumen
Leadership, mentorship (staff & volunteer development)
Vision and innovation
Public relations & marketing
Community involvement and advocacy

* 4. Please indicate how important the following personal qualities are for the ideal CEO candidate.

  Not important  Somewhat important   Important Very important Critical, must have
Straightforward, inquisitive, and has an open mind
Responsive and personable
Culturally competent or sensitive, and inclusive
Energetic and enthusiastic
Flexible and accommodating
Dependable, reliable, principled, and trustworthy
Bold, thoughtful risk-tasker
Diplomatic, congenial, and courteous
Accessible and approachable
Passionate advocate for public libraries

* 5. Please indicate whether you disagree or agree with each statement listed below.

  Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree Don't Know
The library does all it can to support educational achievement.
The library does all it can to foster cross-cultural connections.
The library does all it can to offer services and resources that community residents need.
The library anticipates the community's need for new technologies.
The library does all it can to reach out to persons who do not use the library onsite.  
The library uses social media effectively to foster community connections.. 
The library has an appropriate balance of print and non-print materials.
The library has a well-managed collection which is relevant and appealing.
The library's website is informative, comprehensive, and easy to navigate (user friendly).
Library hours meet the needs of the community.
The library's policies, procedures, and staff demeanor support the idea that "the customer always comes first."
The library's resources and services contribute to workforce development in the county.
The library's resources and services contribute to economic development in the county.
The library enhances the overall quality of life for all county residents..

* 6. Rank the most important goals the CEO should achieve during the first year in the position. Use "1" to denote the most important goal, and "5" to denote a less critical goal..

* 7. Overall, how satisfied are you with the public library system in Prince George's County, Maryland?

* 8. Please share suggestions you have about the CEO search process or concerns about other library matters.