1. Welcome to the Project Global Citizen Cultural Quiz!

The purpose of this quiz is simply to track your improvement before and after you complete the Project Global Citizen cultural competency accelerator program. 
At the end of this quiz you will receive a free personalised Cultural Adjustment Risk Assessment. If this is your first time taking the quiz and your results put you in a high risk category, don't worry. You are not expected to have the correct answers at this stage - that's what we are here for!
The quiz takes only 7 to 9 minutes to complete. No individual names will be mentioned in the findings without your permission, so don’t worry – your answers are confidential.
Be sure to answer all the questions as skipping questions affects your score.
In addition to completing the Cultural Quiz, all applicants need to also complete the official registration form available via the APPLY button on the Study Sunshine Coast website. In case you've arrived at this Cultural Quiz online application without having read about the eligibility requirements, assessment criteria and application process, we recommend you visit the Study Sunshine Coast website before proceeding.
Let’s begin!

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