AGRA Seeking Community Feedback re new Shopping Centre

AGRA is deeply concerned that a proposed Woolworths supermarket & Specialty shops on the corner of Wells Rd and Springvale Rd will have a detrimental effect on the Aspendale Gardens Shopping Centre.

It will have a major negative effect on all businesses in the Aspendale Gardens Shopping Centre and could even lead to vacant shops.

It will replace the Mitre 10 that provides a valuable service to the community.

It will lead to a severe decline in business for Ritchies IGA that has contributed more than $750,000 to the local community including $469,000 to the local schools. 

It will be the seventh Woolworths in the immediate area, squeezing out independents.

AGRA will raise concerns about the impact of this development on behalf of the community and we are seeking your feedback.

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* 1. Are you a resident of Aspendale Gardens?

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* 2. Are you opposed to the loss of the Mitre 10 hardware?

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* 3. Are you opposed to the proposed Woolworths supermarket development?

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* 4. How important is Aspendale Gardens Community Shopping Centre to you as a resident?

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* 5. Do you have any other comments you would like to make about the proposed New Shopping Centre or the current Aspendale Gardens Shopping Centre?

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