1. Informed Consent

* 1. I am conducting a questionnaire on pilot decision-making behaviors. Your voluntary participation is requested so we may learn more about the decisions made on flights with passengers versus flights without passengers, or what is known as a positioning flight. The questionnaire will take approximately 10 minutes. Your name will not be recorded on the questionnaire and your responses will be anonymous. Again, your participation is voluntary and you may choose to not answer all of the questions on the questionnaire even after signing the consent. If you are willing to participate, please read the informed consent below and answer yes to the question. Thank you for your assistance.

If you have any questions pertaining to this study, please contact Lisa Lewis, Embry-Riddle University Worldwide, lewisl2@my.erau.edu.


I consent to participating in the research project entitled Decision-Making Behavior Comparison of Passenger and Positioning Flights of CFR Part 91 Corporate Operators.

The principle investigator of the study is Lisa Ann Lewis.

The individual above, has explained the purpose of the study, the procedures to be followed, and the expected duration of my participation. Possible benefits of the study have been described, as have alternative procedures, if such procedures are applicable and available.

I acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to obtain additional information regarding the study and that any questions I have raised have been answered to my full satisfaction. Furthermore, I understand that I am free to withdraw consent at any time and to discontinue participation in the study without prejudice to me.

Finally acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the consent form. I agree to it freely and voluntarily.

Do you consent to participate in this study?