Local Control Accountability Plan

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Thank you for participating in this survey!  Your input will help the School District and County Office of Education create a plan for improving student outcomes in our community.  California state uses the local control funding formula to determine how much money our schools receive but we must create a plan on how we will spend the money.  This plan must address 10 priority areas set by the State, which can be grouped into three categories.
                  Conditions of Learning       Pupil Outcomes       Engagement
   *Basic Conditions    *Pupil Achievement   *Parent Involvement 
  *Implementation of State Standards   *Other Pupil Outcomes    *Pupil Engagement 
   *Course Access       *School Climate 
  >Foster Youth         
  >Expelled Students         
Our current LCAP plans have a goal for each of these categories.  We would appreciate your input on each of these three goals.  Select the following links to view the 2016-2017 District and County LCAPs:
County LCAP
District LCAP
If you would like a more information on the LCAP planning process before your proceed, review this resource.
This survey contains 6 open-ended questions.  You can move between the questions by selecting "Previous" to edit any of your responses.  Once you select "Done" at the end of the survey you will no longer be able to access your answers.  You are welcome to begin a new survey. This survey will close on March 3, 2017.

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