We are privileged that our Professional Partner Network has quietly grown into the largest South African network of professional firms.
This has surpassed everyone’s expectations, especially how it has benefited our partner network and their clients. Working together on niche areas of expertise ensures the best possible client outcomes, and the model of tax practices being in competition with one another appears now well dated.
As a partner network, we are very aware of the SARS challenges we face on a daily basis, including over regulation and complexities of ever-changing laws.
For everyone’s better understanding of the tax landscape, we please ask that you participate in our tax survey and also send to other tax practitioners, professionals and anyone who you believe can contribute. The survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete.
The survey will be strictly confidential, and the sanitised results will be shared with all participants.
We hope this will be South Africa’s first credible survey for all registered tax practitioners in South Africa. The aim is to gain insights on the tax practitioners’ professional needs in South Africa as well as create awareness around the concerns and issues in the taxation industry.
Have your say and make your voice heard!