* 1. You want a fair price in writing before any work is done so that you have complete certainty and you don’t get an unexpected bill.

* 2. There is no additional fee to talk to us, so you can pick up the phone whenever you want to get an answer to a question quickly.

* 3. If the person you want to speak to is not available when you call, getting a return call or e-mail reply within 24 hours is critical

* 4. You would like us to attend your board meetings, and meet with you regularly for brainstorming and advice. 

* 5. Receiving your financial reports in an easy-to-understand format that illustrates how your business is performing

* 6. We proactively help you find ways to improve your profits, solve problems, and make your business easier to run

* 7. We help benchmark your performance against your competition to see how you compare and determine where there is room for improvement

* 8. We proactively help you achieve your business and personal financial goals and develop a strategy for exiting your business

* 9. We proactively help you find ways to improve your cash flow by advising on finance options, reducing the amounts of cash tied up in working capital, and improving the way you get paid