1. What you know about PFME and what you think about the 4 educational videos

Dear mother/mother-to-be,

We have produced 4 educational videos on Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises (PFME) and leaking urine (also known as urinary incontinence). Each video is between 3 and 8 minutes long.
We have done this to try and help more women understand the importance of doing PFME regularly before, during and after pregnancy.

We would like to know about you, what you knew about PFME before watching the videos and what you learnt, if anything, from the videos.
Please answer honestly; we don’t mind if your comments are negative as they will help us improve our services.

If you are aged 16 years or over, plan to give birth or have given birth in the Rotunda Hospital, please watch the videos and please tell us what you think by completing this 10-minute online survey.

If you plan to or have given birth elsewhere but would still like to complete this survey, please tell us where you will give/have given birth.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey, we appreciate it.


Cinny Cusack and the physiotherapy team, Rotunda Hospital & Deirdre Daly, Trinity College Dublin

* 1. Please tell us where you gave birth/plan to give birth?