2015 Shooting and Preparedness Survey

Please take 30 seconds let us know how much interest you have in each of the following topics.  It will help us know where to allocate time for upcoming projects.  Make sure to enter your email to be registered for this week's $498 firearms training giveaway that includes a SIRT laser training pistol, 3 reactive laser targets, the Concealed Carry Masters Course DVD set, the 30-10 Pistol at-home course, and more!

* 1. How interested are you in the following? (0=not interested, 5=extremely interested)

  0 1 2 3 4 5
Brain and body hacks, focusing on vision, flow state, nutrition, etc.
Tactical Fitness
Disaster/Crisis Preparedness
Business & Marketing Consulting with Ox
Empty Hands Self-Defense
At-Home AR-15 Carbine Training Course
Wilderness/Urban Survival & Escape/Evasion Skills
Firearms and Firearms Training
Low Light and Home Defense
Homesteading & Resilient Living
Live Training Opportunities with Ox or His Team Of Special Operations Trainers

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