* 1. One of the original concepts behind the formation of library systems was to provide a central source in each region for materials to be shared among member libraries and their users.

The System began a 16 mm film service in 1965, and used a combination of federal, state, local government and private funds to build one of the state’s finest, most-used collections.

In 1968, the System began looking into video, and after VHS emerged as the preferred format in 1982, VHS lending became the fastest growing service we offered. The System maintained a central collection and encouraged member libraries to purchase popular titles as funding permitted. DVDs were introduced to the System collection in 1999.

Today there are 10,175 VHS and 16,018 DVDs available to borrow. In 2012, circulation was 206,788. The Video Department supplements member libraries’ collections by filling holds and responds to requests for collection development advice. Other services include weekly deposit collections to interested libraries and organizations in their communities, equipment loans, DVD ordering, barcoding and cleaning.

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* 2. Do you believe it is a good use of System funds to continue to set aside funds for a shared DVD collection?

* 3. In past years, the system set aside $15,000 for DVDs. Do you think...

* 4. If no, how would you rather see the system spend the money it had set aside for DVDs?

* 5. If the collection continues, where should it be housed?

* 6. If the collection remains at Prendergast, should the weekly DVD deposits to interested Members continue?

* 7. If the collection remains at Prendergast, should the weekly DVD deposits to nursing homes and senior centers/homes continue?

* 8. Should the System continue to offer centralized DVD ordering through Midwest Tape and barcoding of those items?

* 9. Should the System continue to offer the disc cleaning service to Members?

* 10. Should the System continue to offer loan of equipment such as projectors and screens through the Video Department?