The PEI Partnership for Growth is comprised of twenty-one business organizations and industry associations, who have come together with a shared vision for our economic future. The Partnership envisions Prince Edward Island as a leader in entrepreneurship and sustainable economic growth—attracting technology, capital, human resources in an economy designed to help businesses—and all Islanders—succeed.

The PEI Partnership for Growth is embarking on a process to develop a private-sector led, actionable, sustainable Economic Action Plan for the Island. Developing this shared plan will require a collaborative effort from the private sector, governments, and other stakeholders, including all Islanders.

The Partnership invites you to complete this short survey to define actionable priorities that will help shape the future of our Island economy.

Thank you!

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1. What are the factors that people and businesses consider when choosing PEI? Include up to five most significant factors.

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2. How can we generate and attract more entrepreneurial drive and innovation in PEI? Provide up to 5 of the most significant priorities. 

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3. What are specific recommended actions or initiatives for PEI’s economy to sustainably grow? Provide up to 5 of the most significant priorities. 

Please be specific including lead organization, partnerships, requirements (e.g., infrastructure) and timing over the next ten years. 

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4. It is important that the Economic Action Plan is actionable and measurable. How will we know if we are making progress?

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5. Other comments.

Thank you for your feedback!