Investing in Canada Infrastructure Grant Program Priorities Survey.

Town of Bonnyville and M.D. Residents! We want your feedback on which projects we should be focusing on.

Under the Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream, Alberta will receive $140.6 Million for community culture and recreation projects over the next 10 years. Municipalities can apply for funding for expanded or renewed community centers and hubs, amateur sport, cultural and recreational installations and facilities.

Projects must meet the outcomes of improved access and/or increased quality of cultural, recreational, and/or community infrastructure for Canadians, including Indigenous peoples and vulnerable populations.

Bonnyville Town Council has identified several possible areas of Regional Significance that we can focus on, and we want your input to help us prioritize the possibilities.

* 1. Which municipality do you reside in?

* 2. Please check the box indicating the number of years you and your family have lived in the Town of Bonnyville or the MD of Bonnyville

* 3. How important is recreation to you and your family?

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i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 4. If the Municipality were to develop additional facilities or upgrade existing facilities, what facilities would satisfy the recreational needs of you and your family? Please rank in order of  #1 to #5 with #1 being the most important and #5 being least important to you and your family.

* 5. *Optional* If there is something missing from our list, please add it here! (please be specific)