We are very close to finishing our long-awaited "Essential Wilderness Survival Skills" online course! We've been working on this for the past four years and are excited to release it later this fall.

This will be an online course with many videos, pdf guides, and interactivity. We've distilled 20 years of survival experience and teaching in-person live survival courses into a vehicle that you can use to build your own foundation of essential survival skills.

However, we need your help before we finalize everything...we need to make sure we have it all covered.

This is where you come in....please take a minute to answer this super-short survey - there are only two questions we need you to answer.

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* 1. What are your top two questions about wilderness survival that we absolutely NEED to address in this course?

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* 2. If we could go the extra mile and include something you haven't seen before - what would it be?