Thank you for committing to be one of our p3 - Powerful Partners in Prayer. Please complete the information below to let us know how you want to receive prayer requests.

* 1. Please give us your basic information below. We will not share your information with other parties, it will stay confidential. Your name, mailing address, and email address are required for this question.

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* 4. Virtual Prayer Team
p3 leads up to and through Discovery Weekend where we will be interviewing students to serve this Summer and in the Fall Semester. In addition to p3, you can be part of the Virtual Prayer Team Friday - Sunday, Feb. 15 - 17. You will receive multiple, real time updates of prayer requests. With the Prayer Team on site, you will pray for:
- students as they seek God's will for their Summer & Semester
- small group leaders as they get to know and interview students
- parents as they release their children to go
- decision making for placement of students

If you would join us as part of the Discovery Weekend Virtual Prayer Team, please say "Yes" below to being part of our Virtual Prayer Team! Prayer requests will be sent to you during the weekend by the same method you checked above for receiving p3.